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Since 1995, we are the third company in Italy to open working 100% exclusively on the Internet, while all they never imagined even what it was, many thought a species of new videogame.

We started with the WebDesign, the only editor to provide video layout was the Txt Notepad…; we arrived to desing videogames on commission. And we continue still today: go to WebSiteDesign.it

not finding any provider quite fast and customizable to accommodate websites that we designed on the web, we have opened, three years after ( 1998 ), a division that builds server tailored for large and small companies, for all tastes, for any capacity of computing calculation, reaching up to the server farm.

Our foreign suppliers ( SuperMicro, IBM, HP, Silicon Graphics, Cisco systems, Dell, MacroMedia, Adobe, Apple ) have put their trust in us since’ the beginning; we have seen very motivated in a sector that was not known in our territory.

In 1998 we have built in Italy the server farm with more up-time that has ever existed. To date, only 24 hours of downtime, due to the maintenance and update technologies.

Today we arrived to get online a server, or server systems, starting from zero, completely custom, with the hardware features and with any operating system, within 60 minutes… 1 hour with the great advantage of modifying the’hardware, or its geographical position, in real time, from the comfort of your computer or mobile device connected to the internet, without even getting up from your desk, or from your armchair, without even call us on the phone.

Currently we have the most powerful and fast internet connection in Europe, divided into 5 nations.

We pass the 82 Gbps only in Italy, with an average Ping that goes from 1 millisecond to a maximum of 10 millisecon to reach external networks.

Our passions

Deliver the fastest and reliable server on the worldwide market
Errors and downtime are not admitted
We are also in love with Music – take a look to www.internetofmusic.com and www.housemusicforum.com
Any kind of custom request, any kind of pre-installed software, software server, CMS, database, webserver, DNS server… and so on… just ask for.

Our Crazy Skills

Cloud server and dedicated 100
Open a server in 1 hour ! 100
LINUX OS Server 100
UNIX OS Server 100
MICROSOFT OS servers 100
GEOGRAPHICAL Cluster systems and data Back-Ups 100
DATACENTER OS servers 100