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Build custom server from scratch to meet your ever growing computing needs.

The world of business requires the companies to have a spirit of adaptation and also to have a capacity to respond to sudden changes and issues that may occur from time to time. Hence there’s a high need to have variety of plans in order to deal with any such sudden occurrence of problems.

For this reason there is a need for all companies to create their own customized server in order to meet all the sudden or increasing computer needs. You can avail the services of various server companies in this regard.
Hence you do not need to worry as you can now you can build custom servers from scratch to meet your computing needs instead of using pre-packaged server systems. Do not fall into difficulty by using servers that are generic and are more suited to large businesses etc. These servers are difficult for people like you who require that their professional profile is to the maximum dynamic and that the server has the possibility to meet all the growing needs of the business and can grow along with the project.

Now the server won’t be overloaded or unsafe. Moreover it will be steadier in terms of configurability and can be associated with standard profiles for beginners. You can tell the server designing company your needs and they’ll work in creating the best possible computer server which is going to be customized specifically for your company.

What are custom servers ?

Custom servers are servers which are made as alternative to the generic servers so as to add extra features in it or to make fixes. It is privately administered.
Servers are available in market the same way as laptops, computers etc. and when purchased, they are already pre-configured.

Advantages of custom servers:

  • By getting a custom server you can choose the software stack and server functions yourself.
  • Its housing price is cheaper.
  • It offers more memory, CPU time, disk space and some other resources then a typical shared or dedicated server.

High quality custom servers:

Of course you don’t have to worry about the quality or training of the specialists at DARWIN Servers. Despite the optimization of the costs and time they don’t compromise on quality and are ever watchful to ensure proper functioning and integrity of machines in the server farm.

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Recently build

One of our last customer has chosen this configuration for a Data-Base server:
( with MS-SQL Enterprise edition 64-bit )

Os: Windows DataCenter Server 2012 – R2 – 64bit –
with MS-SQL 2008 Enterprise edition

> n. 64 CPU Xeon
> n.512 Gb of RAM
> n.876 Giga of hard disk space: ( n.6 hard-disk of 146 Gb each – RAID )
> Connection 1 Gbps flat ( guaranteed at 99.99 % )
> Remote controller Dell iDRAC 6/7 Enterprise
> 1 static IP

Monthly fee: 6.218,00 €
the price include the original license of Microsoft OS and DB MS-SQL Enterprise edition 64-bit,
hardware support for free life-time in all components.

Additional features:
Daily geographical back-up
( physically placed at 100Km from main server location, inside our 2nd server farm located in Italy )
289,00 €/Month