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Configure your own Virtual Machine and estimate your costs

With DARWIN Cloud Computing the prices are clear: there are no activation costs, there are no hidden costs and the Cloud servers Pro can be purchased for just 1 hour if necessary!

Read the price list and see how easy it is to calculate the cost of your Cloud Server by using the online calculator.

For Cloud Servers Pro only what you actually consume will be deducted from your prepaid credit on an hourly basis.

Cloud Server PRO prices
Cloud Server Smart prices

What’s included in the cost of a Cloud Server?

icon_network_price_listUnlimited network traffic ( Cloud Server Pro only)

The internal and external network traffic of each Cloud Server Pro is unlimited and included in the price. You will never be charged for the quantity of data sent or received in the networks, internal or external to a Cloud Server.

icon_ip_price_listPublic IP included

The public IP associated to each Cloud Server is included in the price of the server. You will only be charged for the public IPs that are purchased in excess of the number of active Cloud Servers.

icon_windows_price_listWindows license included

The cost of the Windows license is included in the cost of each Cloud Server. You are not required to purchase specific licenses.

ico_plesk_price_listIncluded Parallels Plesk License ( Cloud Server Pro only )

With each Cloud Server Pro you get one “Parallels Plesk – 10 domain names” license included in the price. With the Plesk control panel you can check and manage the Cloud Server as well as all the websites, the services and the installed applications very easily.

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