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With over 700+ Customers and counting, DARWIN servers are the most complete and trusted server farms in Europe.

Up to 20 Gbps per single machine! our new Streaming serverContact Us

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We truly care about our customers which is why they use our dedicated servers You will too with free hardware assistance & amazing support.
With n.6 server farms we offer also to place your servers in Italy, UK, France, Germany, Czech Republic.
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Up to 20 Gbps connection speed per single server: 20 Gbps

Average time to activate a new server from scratch: 60 mins

Average PING Speed from/to external networks: 1 millisecond

Giga bit per seconds on our server farms
Server farms in Europe
Hour to activate a new server
Uptime since 1995

Built for

3D Modeling
Audio / Video post productions
Extreme Video Gamers

New: KENDRA WorkStation

We are happy to introduce our new WorkStation


Rent a powerful workstation in a monthly basis.

After 20 years in building servers, we now introduce Kendra; a powerful workstation that you can rent on monthly basis. Full Admin control via Internet.
We tested this machine and all components, also the OS for 4 months and we have No problems, No crash, Always Up and running 24h

Read more Here
virtual dedicated servers, darwin.

What Else? We Have The Best Web control panel for your servers

DARWIN Cloud Computing is an IaaS service which allows users to create an infrastructure made up of one or more machines, that can be expanded or reduced in real time based on specific needs, easily and without any initial investment, paying just for the resources used and avoiding any sort of waste.
  • 24h Web Control Panel, accessible from everywhere with internet connection and a simple browser
  • You can also manage Resellers plans and their accounts
  • All our servers are in clusters and the data storage is replicated for maximum reliability. Activate the infrastructure in multiple Datacenters to ensure Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Guarantee security, redundancy and efficiency to your Datacenters with DARWIN Cloud Computing
Activate a Cloud server now !

99.99% Uptime!

We’ve added several useful features and more amazing Tools that allow you to manage amazing servers for your computing needs.

What My-Cloud.net servers Include? We’ll Tell You!

With Cloud server you can:

  • Activate and cancel your server in real time.
  • 60 mins to activate a new server from scratch
  • 1 millisecond: average PING Speed from/to external networks
  • The use of your resources is variable.
  • You would like a flexible infrastructure which manages temporary peaks and eliminates any possible waste.
  • You need a temporary development or staging environment.
  • You want guaranteed redundancy without any worries.
Giving you the best power computing and the fastest servers ever
Our servers got the 99,99% uptime since our opening in 1995.
Contact us for a 7 days completely free trial server.
Any kind of custom request, any kind of pre-installed software, software server, CMS, database, webserver, DNS server and so on just ask for.

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