What is a dedicated server

//What is a dedicated server
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A dedicated server is a computer for the exclusive use of a user or a’ company, connected twenty four (24h) hours a day to the internet and manageable through remote control software.

Specifically, it can choose that type of band associate to your dedicated server, be it Flat (actually up to 20 Gb/s for each single server upgradable with clusters). The remote control software allows to view in a web page of the graphs of the speed reached on a daily basis, weekly, and monthly, and the counters of the traffic generated over the same periods.

Dedicated servers are physically hosted in cabinets able to contain both server rack “” that server “middle or big tower”. Cabinets are kept in structures called “ web-farm ”, which is a complex of rooms under full electronic control and be monitored by a staff of maintenance highly specialised; the checks carried out on web-farm are designed to ensure the maximum safety of the machine as to intrusion, possible fluctuations in the electrical network, control of’ humidity and temperature and all of the conditions that contribute to create an environment that allows the perfect operation of the machine; in addition, the server will be monitored by employees of the’ assistance which control the status and will report to the customer any hardware problems encountered, and thereafter the resolution; the server can then be managed both in completely via remote or asking for assistance to staff via a System of “trouble ticketing” or a telephone number exclusively dedicated to this service, with response within minutes 24 hours a day, 365 days of’year.

A dedicated server allows us to accommodate websites static or dynamic, perform at a very high processing power, storage and everything that would otherwise be impossible or limited play with an ordinary computer; the dedicated server will be dedicated to the needs of a single user thus allowing a peak performance otherwise impossible with any other shared server.