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An Introduction to Dedicated Linux Servers

If the word “Linux” still sounds like gibberish to your ears, it therefore implies that the ongoing tech revolution is yet to consume you in its path. Hopefully, this article will set you straight on the Linux growth path.

What is Linux? (in layman terms)

If you were to ask any of our dedicated Linux experts at, what Linux is, odds are you will most certainly get an answer that sounds like: “Linux is the core kernel on which “distros” are developed”. Get it?… No? Let me break it down for the guy who only knows how to boot on a computer and use software.
For all intents and purposes, Linux refers to a variety of computer operating systems (OS) that are powered by the Linux Kernel. In other words, Linux is a set of operating systems. An example of what use to be a more popular operating system is Windows. So, just like Windows, there is Linux. And just like how Windows has got different operating systems (Home Basic, Basic, Premium, etc) and applications, so too has Linux (Tails, Ubuntu, etc).
Fact 1: Linux is not the same as Ubuntu. Ubuntu is one of the many Linux operating systems that is available for everyone.

Brief History of Linux

The Linux kernel on which Linux operating systems are built was first developed by a 21 year old Linus Torvalds. At the time of development, he had only hoped to come up with a system that was compatible with a specific hardware. Because he made the operating system free and open for developers all over the world to modify, it quickly gained speed, and is now one of the leading operating systems in the world.
Fact 2: A Linux “distro” or distribution refers to a specific Linux operating system. For example, Ubuntu is a Linux distro.


Linux’s operating systems are generally thought to be more secure than Windows and IOS systems. This is simply because there are hundreds of thousands of developers working on Linux operating systems, which allows for security concerns to be easily spotted and stopped immediately. Of the top operating systems being used in the world, Linux systems are currently the only ones developed and sustained by an OpenSource community.
Fact 3: Edward Snowden used a Linux operating system called Tails, because of its unique ability to protect user privacy. Lots of stock exchange markets also run on Linux systems.

The Linux logo

Just like how Windows has got four squares, with Apple having a half-eaten apple, Linux too has a got a logo/mascot which is more natural and relatable. It is the penguin. Why the penguin? Before deciding on what Linux’s logo will be, Linus had taken a trip to National Zoo & Aquarium in Canberra, Australia. During this trip, he was bitten by a penguin, and hence chose to make a penguin the logo of Linux.
Fact 4: Linux’s penguin logo is called “tux”, gotten from (T)orvalds‘ (U)ni(X). Pretty kool right?


Linux operating systems now run on almost all digital devices from mobile phones, through tablets to computers and servers. They can also be installed on the same devices with other operating systems.
Fact 5: Linux is free for everyone, and depending on the distro being used, several updates are being provided yearly, which is more than can be said for other systems.

Dedicated Linux Server

A dedicated Linux server from is a customized server built by us to suit the specific needs of your organization, while running on a robustly secure Linux distro. You can either rent or buy a Linux dedicated server from us here.

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