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Email archiving – instant online backup availability

Some of the characteristics of our Email archiving services:

  • You DO NOT have to change your current E-mail Provider (s).
  • Website with a secure and encrypted WebMail interface, 24/7 for 365 days.
  • Advanced and simple search engine
  • Restore selected messages in the archive to an actual mail server with one click
  • Save or Export a single email or entire folders or an entire mailbox in 2 clicks.
  • Add-In for Microsoft Outlook and the most popular email clients
  • Managing dozens and dozens of TeraByte messages for each single email
  • Enables backup for all PEC Emails (hence freeing space on the PEC server, which is usually only 1 GB)
  • Allows Email Backup on /Microsoft Exchange / G Suite / MDaemon / Kerio Connect / IceWarp server / and any IMAP/POP3 server (including TLS / SSL)
  • Allows you to export in any format. EML / Outlook / Windows Live / Windows Live / Windows Mail / Mozilla Thunderbird / Mozilla SeaMonkey; even file formats MBox, Outlook PST, EML and MSG files.
  • With just a single Account in our email archive server, you can manage endless emails, even on multiple servers around the world.
  • With just a single account, you can search all the emails you want to include in the backup/archive; therefore, with just one search, the results can contain all the contents of one or more email addresses.
  • Our service has an UNLIMITED archiving space; we DO NOT bill the space used in MegaByte, GigaByte or TeraByte.


Contact us to have a completely free 60 days fully functional Archiving email account


Advantages of E-mail Archiving

Legal and economic advantages

Regulatory Compliance and eDiscovery
Companies face the challenge of meeting a growing number of email retention requirements, eDiscovery and other regulations. To do this, they must be capable of archiving messages in a centralized, complete, tamper-proof manner for a given period of time and ensure that it can be retrieved instantly.

Protection Against Legal Risks
With the archiving of all their e-mails, the companies comply with the Italian legal obligation to keep the commercial mail sent and received for at least 10 years. Email archiving makes it possible to use e-mail messages as evidence in court proceedings and improves the handling of complaints made by customers by providing all information exchanged via email from the outset.

Lowering of IT costs

Overloaded mail servers, increased storage costs and complex backup and recovery processes put IT departments and their budgets to the test. It permanently reduces these costs. In addition, it also provides protection against financial risks arising from data loss or legal conflicts.

Independence from the Email Server

The critical point when backing up an email server is the time it takes to recover data when the server stops working.
During this period of inactivity, which may last for hours or days, the company and employees no longer have access to business-critical information. However, with our backup/archive, when an email server stops working or its data is lost, all users will still be able to access their email messages stored in the email archive. This enables you to continue working by overcoming this type of interruption.

Total Protection against Data Loss

100% Complete Archiving
Users can easily delete important e-mail messages without noticing. This means that your company may lose important data every day. By archiving all emails as soon as they are received or sent, you can be absolutely sure that all company emails will be stored.

Independence from Large PST Files
PST files are prone to corruption and data loss, which has a huge impact on storage and backup and can turn eDiscovery into a nightmare. With our Servers, you can centralize the archiving of all the company’s PST files and make it possible to permanently delete them.

The Fundamental Challenge

Companies usually have well-functioning mail servers or groupware solutions for email communication at their disposal.
However, these systems are not designed to store emails for long periods of time or for bulk retrieval. In practical terms this can lead to technical problems (functionality, resources, performance), legal implications or financial constraints.

Reduces the Workload of Email Servers
Once archived, emails can be automatically deleted from the mailboxes of the email server using customizable rules. This permits you to keep the workload of the mail server constantly low.
Simplifies Backup and Restore

Reduces the Time to Backup and Restore
By reducing the data load of the email server, backup and restore can be done much faster in the event of a failure.
One-Click Restore for All Users
Users can restore emails from the archive with just one mouse click. The administrator no longer has to waste time searching for backups for the emails you want to recover.

Increased Productivity

Extremely fast access and search

Our Email Archive Servers offer an extremely fast full-text search for emails and all types of attached files. Access is also possible via the original folder structure.

High Acceptance

A convenient add-in for Microsoft Outlook allows users to access their archives and seamlessly integrate into their regular working environment

Deleting “quotas” for Mail Boxes

Email archiving eliminates the need to use “quotas” for mailboxes as a means to limit the use of mail server storage capacity.

Other Advantages

  • Fast and easy for users who can quickly access archived emails, including those deleted by mistake.
  • Autonomy of users who can retrieve their emails without asking anyone, maximizing time.
  • No email will be lost accidentally or due to technical problems since MailStore is also a backup tool for all emails that will be easily retrievable.
  • The possibility to access messages belonging to other users, if you are authorized, makes it easier to retrieve information if an employee leaves the company.
  • Automatic archiving of incoming and outgoing messages ensures compliance with current legislation and provides protection against legal risks or customer complaints.
  • Once archived, emails can be deleted from the mailbox servers, which significantly reduces the burden on the mail servers.

How it works

The archiving system can be customized according to the specific needs of each company. Every email sent or received is automatically archived, identical to the original one, in a central system.
Users have direct access to the archive from their computer and can search by date, sender, subject, subject, recipient or you can specify the words to be searched in the body or inside the attachments. Hence, they can restore emails on their own (even deleted ones).
You can access the archive through a browser, any IMAP client, via mobile and also from Outlook. In addition, the archive can also be accessed through a desktop application that permits instant searches.

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