Secure payments – How it works

//Secure payments – How it works
Secure payments – How it works 2018-02-13T05:04:29+00:00

9 Payment types, 15 Language options, 87 Currency options

We accept all global debit, credit card and PayPal payments from customers using these currencies

credit cards accepted

credit-cards payments accepted

We accept also Bank Transfer:

To this Parameters.

Bank Name: Intesa San Paolo
Company Name: DARWIN Italy

IBAN: IT97J 030 6903 1061 0000000 1912

How you can pay your server/s and service/s.

For Cloud servers PRO.

Cloud servers Pro payment system is very simple, you just have to recharge your credit, you can choose how much credit every time you recharge,
because the cloud servers PRO are in a “hourly basis” cost. It mean that the system calculate the consumption in a single hour.
I.e. if your Cloud Server Pro cost an estimate of 100€ per month, you will spend approx. 0.13 € per hour ( 720 hours in a month of 30 days )

For Cloud servers Smart.

the Cloud server Smart are in a montly fee, so you have to pay the cost of your Cloud Server Smart every month.

For a Dedicated server ( physical ).

Every physical dedicated server is under a montly fee, if you rent it. And we have to prepare an estimate for your custom needs.
If you buy the hardare, you will pay only the housing ( always in montly fee ) of your physical server/s, in rack-month or small / middle / big tower case.

For custom servers.

We have to prepare an estimate for the hardware/software costs.

Recharge credit
Activate new server / account