The control panel

//The control panel
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The Control Panel allows you to interact with every technical aspect of the Cloud Computing service, and is a tool designed to provide transparency of costs and simplicity of the operations, so that the Cloud Servers and their configuration can be managed very easily and intuitively.

control panel

See how simple it is to create a Cloud Server

Sign in

Access the Control Panel with the Account name and the Password provided by DARWIN.

Choose the Datacentercontrol-panel-img2

You can activate your structure on multiple Datacenters and choose the one you wish to manage by clicking the provided button.

Design your datacentercontrol-panel-img3

Add all the Cloud Servers that you want with a click and through simple and fast operations, customise your machine by selecting the:

Easy management of your VMscontrol-panel-img4

At any time you can view the details of your Cloud Servers to:

  • Switch the machine on and off
  • Archive it or delete it
  • Change the assigned resources
  • Manage the Hard Disks
  • Manage Public IPs
  • Manage Virtual Switches

Control your spendingcontrol-panel-img5

See the costs per hour and the estimate per month: you only pay for the resources that you actually use!

Create the Cloud Server and manage it from the Consolecontrol-panel-img6

Once the configuration has been completed, click on “Create Cloud Server” and within minutes you can manage it and use it going directly through the browser to the provided Console.