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Imagine owning a server is to be familiar with all the problems stemming from it, to be specialized users able to set our machine to optimize the most of our work, and imagine you need special hardware settings and specific operating systems do not frequent among users of normal dedicated servers and therefore unlikely to be found between the albeit various offers for rental and purchase.

As far as we can be skillful and far-sighted our server, placed in a home environment or even in a tested and safe business environment, however, it will be exposed to countless dangers (starting from the simple electrical network, passing for temperature, humidity and arriving at the connection to the internet) from a structure that, in order to facilitate a proper duration and the safety of our machine, provides the costs certainly not universally affordable.

For this reason was born the server ’housing, granting services leased to a private or ’holding an entire server connected to the Internet. The server in question, therefore, the property of’user, you will be physically located in the web-farm of and will be completely manageable via a remote control software; the maximum in safety unit to a continuous service twenty-four hours on twenty-four of assistance by highly-trained staff will prevent any unexpected which can be subjected to our machine, continuously monitored and provided with secure connection to the network.

As the best solution for a company in possession of a server ? For all those who, in possession of a server, neither can, nor wasting valuable human resources nor time and money for the continuous maintenance, security and monitoring of its powerful but delicate machine; all for a highly competitive cost, of a transparency and a professionalism that meets all of our needs.