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For the times in which we live Internet is a huge business, around which rotate millions of businesses, companies and people who rely on telecommunication means as a first resource. Communication and traceability, contact with the customers and assistance are just some of the many categories for which is fundamental to rely to a web site.

How many times we used them as showcases, catalogs, business cards?
How many times we met new services at competitive prices thanks to a simple search in the network?

Having an internet site is essential to the survival and expansion of a company that wants to take root in the business globally and locally.

Each site is present on the internet and hosted on a server; the problem arises when the server in question is hosting thousands of web sites and is shared by many thousands of users: the resources available to a single user decreases as a function of increase of users including and shared a server; all of this translates into slow loading, limited capacity is reduced (if not null) ability to access to administrative functions: a clear limit to our professional advancement.

To overcome this problem arise dedicated servers, or remote computers for the exclusive use of a single user, ideal for companies that possess many web sites, or activities that make a great use of web application or online or even companies that store data on the network; but not only: your dedicated server is the perfect solution also for all those uses which require processing power as the management and the rendering of 3d models, management of multimedial files and so on.

Why limit ourselves to the performance of a normal computer, exposed to dangers of easy intrusion, conditions of obvious deterioration and low performance when we have the opportunity to make our operations and save our data on reliable machines, high-performance and preserved in the best web-farm ?

All servers can be Unmanaged or Managed

Get a Private and Customized Server
Dedicated servers are the services provided to a single client at a time. They are designed or tailored in a customized manner according to the requirement of the organization. They are not shared or opened for any other customers.


DARWIN servers provide you with the best dedicated servers. They include some special and flexible features made or arranged for a specific customer. The client has the complete control over the resources or the system in place.

With the dedicated servers the company enjoys the following features.

Total Control on the server

As the server designed for the particular customer so they have the luxury and liberty to control the entire system such as operating system such as window, Linux UNIX or any other, hardware and number of users to be included in the server.

Speed and Bandwidth

cloud server connection speed testThe speed and the data transfer rate are much better and faster than the other type of server because it is not shared with the other users. As there are no other users in the network the speed of your server is not effected or interfered. There is no issue of slow page processes or time out.

Server monitoring

The performance of the system is constantly monitored and any interruptions are detected and reported instantly. It will give you a faster operation without any fear of mal function.

Reliability and Customization

The dedicated servers are reliable because there are no other websites running on your servers and the equipments and other systems are according to your choice. There is no load sharing with any other traffic flows. The companies can always change the configuration of the system depending on the situation such as expansion or contraction of the business.

Privacy and Upgrading of the software

At dedicated servers the company enjoys a private space not being shared with any other system. The upgrading of the software and other system are one of the best facilities of the dedicated servers.

Security from any other type of interference

At the dedicated server the company is least bothered about any sort of interference in their privacy and sensitive data because the server is not shared with any other client. They enjoy the full speed and complete control over the entire set up.

DARWIN Servers gives you all the above mentioned features with in an affordable price range.