What is a web internet radio ?

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What is a web internet radio ?

From traditional radio to web internet radio

The most beautiful feature of a web internet radio is that in just a few steps you can spread information, music and videos around the world!

The invention of the radio dates back to 1901 when the Italian Guglielmo Marconi managed to transmit a message from one side of the Atlantic Ocean to the other through radio waves for the first time, wirelessly.

A fundamental invention in the history of humanity because it revolutionized communication systems, by determining the development of the most modern methods of radio communication.
While it was once necessary to be a great inventor before you could be acknowledged many kilometers away, today going “on air” is much easier thanks to the Internet. Whereas with the classical radio we are still in the time of Guglielmo Marconi with FM and AM radio waves, but the advent of internet technology has led to enormous progress.

Listening to any radio in the world while sitting comfortably at home in front of a Pc is now possible, since the content no longer travels through radio waves but through the internet via streaming, whereby the biggest delay between the emission of the signal and reception on the computer does not exceed 5 seconds and if we try to imagine that we are listening to an Australian, New Zealand or Californian program, perhaps the wait is worth it.

In this way, in addition to being constantly informed and updated about the new musical releases of any band in the world, it is also easy to understand through the selectivity that the Internet generates which program or genre of music to listen to around the world, since streaming is also based on a selection at the origin of the signal loaded due to categories and genres.
The streaming video of the radios has also been associated with this for some time now, so as to give the end user a way to really understand how to control the console of a radio, what happens in a radio studio when there are advertisements on the air or steal some chat between conductors and guests, such as singers or actors, when one of them is hosted on the radio.

All this is possible thanks to the power of online streaming.

Finally, technology does not only make us passive and distracted spectators of a program schedule usable only on some media, but active and selective users of what happens across the air all over the world!

How does a web radio work?

The term web radio or online radio or internet radio is the term that today refers to radio stations that broadcast their programming in digital form through the Internet, thus being accessible with any instrument able to access the Internet.
There are different types of web radio, in some cases, they are traditional radios, which can be received via the air, which extend their listening range by repeating on-line broadcasts. In other cases, they are broadcasters, more or less amateur or less, who provide their programmes exclusively for use on the Internet.
The audio transmissions are sent in the form of a compressed audio data stream that is called stream and that must be decoded on the receiving computer by a dedicated application, usually a media player.
A computer and a streaming server are all it takes to create a radio on the Internet and you can listen to it with any device capable of connecting to the Internet.

Our streaming servers can also be programmed to be multi-channel; that is, with the same server you can create multiple audio or video channels.

As a matter of fact, if broadcasting was a prerogative of a few technicians in the past, now you too can create a real radio station even at zero cost, choosing among many programs, servers and conduction styles based on the features that you prefer and the design you’ll want to give to your radio.
With a simple click today, you can also switch from a piece of rock music broadcast from London to live news from a Swedish radio station.
The online radio broadcasts live content from thousands of radios but also has a section that allows users to go back in time.

If you want to rent a streaming server online for 24h non-stop to broadcast your radio, we offer different solutions based on the number of simultaneous listeners.

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Costs are much lower than you might think.

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