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18 08, 2015

Streaming server, darwin servers.

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We can give you from 1 Gbps up to 20 Gbps for every single machine: you can improve the power by using Clusters and Load Balancers What is a Streaming Server ? Read the post on our official Blog

19 01, 2015

PING Speed server Test in Europe – Darwin servers

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The fastest PING / SPEED server Test in Europe. Tested in a single server about 5.30 pm 1ms of Ping speed 971 Mbps of broadcast in download 433 Mbps of receiving in upload Our today SpeedTest, from a single WebServer located in Italy. Like a remote server: Considering download speed like upload speed and Upload [...]

12 11, 2014

Server farm infrastructure

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DARWIN Cloud – Infrastructures DARWIN Cloud hosts its servers and devices in data centers which offer the latest and best equipment available on the market. Our localized IT team ensures the system continues to operate as expected allowing us to provide you with enterprise-level services with localized support based on your location. Performance In order [...]