Dedicated Servers – Learn About The Benefits

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Dedicated Servers – Learn About The Benefits

Most of the websites are hosted using the shared web-hosting servers. The primary reason for this is the cost. A shared web-hosting server usually costs a lot less compared to a dedicated server. The number of websites that on the shared web-hosting server can range from 1500 to 2000. The number of sites certainly varies due to the allowed bandwidth per website, the availability of space, as well as the overall speed. Even though, shared web hosting services are extremely reliable, there are some great benefits of hosting your website(s) on a dedicated server.

  • By opting for a dedicated server for your website, you can have a server that is exclusively dedicated to your website. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy a complete control and authority over the server. As and if you consider on a dedicated server for web hosting purposes, you can have a reasonable understanding of what these dedicated servers can offer. Even though most of the dedicated server web hosting service will offer you with technical support features, you will find it must easier while you have technical expertise along to manage the server on your own. In case, you have not been able to manage the server by yourself, you can always opt for dedicated web hosting that has experts to manage things on your behalf.
  • It is recommended that you switch to a dedicated server hosting service as you find that the traffic to your website has increased significantly and your website is taking longer to load. It is imperative to have an analysis of your web traffic, as it will tell you if you should opt for a dedicated server or not. The prime aspect for you to understand here is when you have several users working concurrently on your site; you should be replacing your shared web hosting service with a dedicated server.
  • As having a dedicated server does not allow you to share its servers with other sites, you will find you have more command and authority over the bandwidth and server operations. One of the utmost benefits you can acquire related to dedicated server web hosting is that you can remotely operate and configure it. However, the cost may restrict you. The dedicated servers cost a bit more compared to the shared web hosting servers.

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